Ironbridge Power Station:

Ironbridge is a coal fired power station capable of generating 1,000MW of electricity. Located in the Severn Gorge, it is only 0.5 miles upstream from Ironbridge which is a world heritage site.

Ironbridge power station produces enough power to supply approximately 750,000 homes.

While the station is due to close in 2015 as part of the LCPD, E-on progressed with plans to allow two generating units of the plant to be converted so that it can use up to 100% wood pellets as a renewable fuel source. E-on converted the plant which will operate as a dedicated power station on 100% wood pellet fuel. The conversion was undertaken in such a way that under changes proposed to the UK's Renewable Obligation after April 2013, the plant retains flexibility to operate with up to 20% coal with the wood pellets to allow for the most efficient operation. 

The principal contractor that was appointed to manage the biomass conversion was Doosan Power Systems. This complex project required a structured supply chain that consisted of specialist engineering companies for which Franklyn Yates Engineering's skills base, experiences and reputation assisted with securing the installation of PA ducts/PA Coolers and PF pipework.

The installation included:

  • Erection of PF pipework, supports, gaskets, nuts/bolts and all secondary steelwork
  • Installation of structural steelwork
  • Modifiying the flooring with equivalent grating and edge protection
  • Fabrication and installation of new covers for the existing purge pipe holes
  • Replaced the PF pipework bends with free issued parts
  • Supplied suitable blanks and a calibrated gauge to carry out service test on the PF pipework
  • Modified the hot air bus main outlet connection by relocating the flange and plating over the original opening
  • Supplied and blanked off tempering air duct inlet and outlet connections
  • Installation of 4 off PA Coolers
  • Installation of temporary support steelwork and repositioned the existing supports and ducting bracings
  • Modified the existing walkways / gantries / ladders / stairs / access support steelwork to enable the new coolers to fit
  • Repositioned the mill outlet duct joint on the hot air bus main
  • Installed the new free issue supports and steelwork
  • Erection of ducting and expansion joints

Below is a diagram of the PF pipework.

The success of this biomass conversion has started an influx of other coal fired stations across the UK looking at similar conversions to ensure a level of generation past 2015. Having put in a flawless performance on Ironbridge, Franklyn Yates Engineering are keen to build on this knowledge to assist clients in the future who would consider completing a biomass conversion.

The fact that this project was completed on time, to budget, without incident or accident and to a high level of quality, this is another success to add to Franklyn Yates Engineering portfolio and boosts an already good reputation in the power industry as a mechanical engineering company that people want to do business with.